wedding questionnaire

Since the wedding week/day can be stressful at times, I want to gather as much information as possible to prevent you from worrying about me and just enjoy be able to enjoy your wedding day! Please fill out the form to your best ability. I'll review your answers to make sure I have no further questions, and all that's left to do is sign a contract and send an invoice. 

This is typically included in the timeline, but just covering my bases.

Please assume I will be documenting your wedding in full from end to end and have an extensive list of photos I will be getting throughout the day.

You can get it to me a couple ways. Mail a copy to me prior, bring it with you to the wedding, or give it to your coordinator to give to me. Please note that if something is two-sided, I'd love two copies to show it both in the same photo.

For example: Mom (Betsy), Step-Dad (John), etc. — The list below takes approximately 30 minutes to complete (10 minutes to gather family members + 20 minutes to execute)! Couple with Groom's Parents, Siblings, & Grandparents Couple with Groom's Parents & Siblings Couple with Groom's Parents Couple with Bride's Parents, Siblings, & Grandparents Couple with Bride's Parents & Siblings Couple with Bride's Parents Couple with Both Sets Of Parents Bride Alone Groom Alon

Pink&red, beach, etc.,

Example: 10:00AM Arrival 10:15AM Getting ready photos Groom 10:45AM Getting ready photos Bride 11:30AM Ceremony 12-12:30 Family Pictures 12:30-1:30 Bride and Groom Photos 1:30-2:30PM Cocktail hour 2:30-3PM Reception Entrance 3PM - Etc

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