THe wedding experience

Working with me

I vibe best with easygoing couples who cherish photography, craving not just fantastic photos but also an unforgettable wedding day with their loved ones. While photos hold a significant place in your special day, they're not the sole memories you want to preserve. Capturing the essence of the day matters just as much! My approach to wedding photography is all about infusing fun, crafting creative and distinctive shots for you, all while keeping it swift to ensure you return to your guests promptly.

It's YOUR day to unwind and, most importantly, savor the moment!! This is YOUR WEDDING, not just a photoshoot. My mission is to immortalize more than just poses; I aim to capture those candid, in-between moments. So, while I'll be popping in and out, capturing incredible shots of you both, I'll also seamlessly blend into the background, almost becoming a part of the scenery.

Choosing the perfect wedding photographer can be quite the challenge – I'm here to make it a breeze for you!


"Not only was she professional and gave us high-quality photos, she was friendly and our family/friends raved about her personality and kindness."

-Brenda & Sebastian


You bring your energy into every choice for your big day, even when picking your wedding photographer. Trust me, we'll keep it real and capture the authentic moments all through the night. It's your story, let's tell it just the way it is!

Every Collection Includes:

  • A personalized engagement session to add an extra layer of meaningful memories.
  • Timeline assistance to ensure your special moments unfold seamlessly.
  • Professional editing and retouching to enhance the beauty and essence of each captured moment.
  • Digital delivery of high-resolution, print-ready images, ensuring the utmost quality.
  • Access to a user-friendly online gallery, facilitating seamless sharing and convenient print ordering.
  • Complimentary video consultation or the option to meet up for coffee, or enjoy a glass of red on me!
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Q: What's your style?

A: I've been riding the documentary wave since before it became a trend. If you're not capturing those in-between moments, you're surely missing out on some gems, don't you think? I keep it real in my editing, staying true to the essence of the day, and just adding a touch of warmth for that extra cozy feel.

Q: When should we book?

A: Booking 18 months ahead is pretty standard around here. Just a heads up, I don't reserve dates. The first to sign a contract and throw in a retainer secures their spot on my calendar for the big day! 📅✨

Q: How do I book you!?!

Shoot me an email at or drop all the deets of your event through my online contact form. Let's plan your picture-perfect day!


Wedding images are culled and curated by the photographer. As a photographer of 10+ years , part of my job is selecting the most flattering photographs. I do not deliver repeats, out of focus, mid blink/talk, or overexposed images. I want you to have all the best images to remember your special day by.

Q: Can I see more of your work?

You got it! Hit that "Tie the Knot, Book with a Click!" button below, fill out the form, and drop a note if it's something you're curious about. Always thrilled to share a sneak peek from a full gallery!

Q: What comes next?

Let's lock in those dates first, and I'll shoot over a guide with all the juicy details about my collections and prices. We'll also chat about what you truly need in terms of coverage for your big day!


No. This is not a proper representation of my brand or work.


erika & Clyde

OMG, I don't have enough words to express my appreciation of her. She's super kind & talented! This was a micro-wedding put together in less than 2 weeks so of course we were still doing things the day of the wedding & she was so understanding & patient. What's truly awesome is the shots she captured 🥰 Truly gorgeous!! Didn't look like we were anywhere as disorganized as we were. Hire her, you will NOT be disappointed!!


Ready to dive into all the wedding deets? Fill out my contact form, and I'll slide into your inbox a handy dandy wedding investment guide – packed with answers and more! Let's make planning your day a breeze!