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Hello dance enthusiasts!

For our studios out there, embrace the artistic freedom to tailor colors that resonate with your unique style, setting the stage for your phenomenal dancers to shine! Picture this: a dynamic dance palette featuring contemporary, hip hop, tap, ballet/pointe, and more – an entire symphony of movement. These images? They transcend the conventional; they're a dance diary, a visual journey. Dancers, these shots aren't just pixels; they're the bricks for building your standout portfolio – an electrifying presence both online and offline. And to our stellar dance studio competition teams, this is your grand stage to flaunt the collective brilliance that defines your crew. Beyond a mere photoshoot, it's about encapsulating the soul of dance in every frame. Let's dance our way through storytelling and transform each image into a captivating dance narrative!









How many dancers?

We like to keep things lively with a minimum requirement of 15 dancers for a photoshoot. The duration? Well, that depends on the studio vibes, dancer schedules, photographer availability, and travel plans – let's make it work!

What does it cost?

For the dance floor magic captured in studio, it starts at $75 per dancer. The studio covers any extra gear – paper, gels, props, paint, you name it. All of your travel worries? Don't stress – it's on the house!