So this idea was definitely not my own. I never wanna be someone who pretends to be a genius with all original ideas. Don't get me wrong I hit gold every once and a while but so far quarantine hasn't really been the most inspiring to my creative mind. I'll avoid mask themed shoots at all costs. While browsing pinterest I came across a photo of someone wrapped in tulle. Then the farther I went down the pinterest rabbit hole, is when I found it. Some alien esque beauty selling painters plastic to me. Never knew I wanted to buy it so badly. Of course I waited until last minute to purchase the painters plastic and was completely stressed out the day before the shoot.. but! it all worked out. It is NOT easy to breath under that sheet. Kudos to my model for baring through it and never complaining once. Maybe I'll walk around Chicago with it on as my face mask, a body mask.


I live in a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment and I always thought I'd use the 2nd room as my make shift photo studio. The virgo in me wants it ready at all times for the guests that never come so because of that I move around my dining table and coffee table to make space in my common area instead. Makes so much sense I know. I have an obsession with blazers, but not on me. I was telling Jilly (my model) how I try on some of the shoot wear to see how it'll look before I actually shoot it. We can just say I look disappointing in them. If you ever want to make your styled shoot look cooler just throw some glasses or a hat on your model. Works every time! My other photog friend @nicoleallenchicago always says how Chicago isn't as trendy as you would think. I didn't used to agree with her but when I moved out here I found myself walking around in insta baddie aesthetic and the stares were countless. Is it just me or was getting attention more fun when you were 22 and under.


OK. Just look at it. This orange vinyl dress that I have no idea how to reuse. Poshmark and I were best friends but I am too lazy to post clothing to sell, and what I hate even more is.. printing out those damn labels to mail the packages out. Maybe I can be a pumpkin for Halloween this year. I definitely felt the most comfortable during this shoot. I am big on on location and natural light. Thattt beeingggg saiidddd... I have been making my life hard by doing shoots during the harsh times of day. Rookie mistake. Big oof. I'm getting back into the groove of things, please forgive me. I took advantage of my own surroundings during this shoot. Would you believe me if I said this was my back porch? You would? Well okay then.

That's all folks!

You know I'm not sure if that was good, bad, or mediocre.. BUT I HAD SO MUCH FUN RAMBLING. I will continue to ramble as long as please. So please. Join me in the next one. Peace out xoxo